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Rutsche = Indoor-Spaß und körperliche Bewegung! Abmessungen: L = 140 W = 42 H = 35 Alter: 1-2 Jahre Material: Birkensperrholz
Box mit vier Türen, die jeweils mit einem anderen Schloss ausgestattet sind. Die Schloss box ist ideal für kleine Entdecker. Es schult nicht nur die Augen-Hand-Koordination sondern beschäftigt sich auch mit dem spannenden Thema der Objektpermanenz.
Mirror with pull-up bar, 67/99 cm Product description: acrylic 3mm mirror on 98 mm plywood, 660/990mm. Pull-up bar in hardwood, 25 mm diameter. The handrail can be placed in two positions at different heights on the mirror. The Montessori mirror: - Promotes visual tracking. - Promotes concentration - along with the mobiles you can see long periods of concentration in a very young child. - Brings joy - often when you see a mirror in a store or even in the bathroom this will please the young infant, they may smile or may even laugh. Babies often love to look at faces, including their own. - Promotes independent play - the child is not reliant on an adult to entertain them. - Promotes free movement - encourages parents to spend more time with the child in the movement area, gives the child more time to move and get to know their body. - Promotes coordinated movement - child observes himself in the mirror and then reacts, he may at this age not know it is himself in the mirror but he is beginning to make connections. He sees his leg go up in the mirror, then he puts it down and then up again. - Allows the child to view the rest of their/the room and over time allows them to visually map the room, this is especially beneficial for infants that are not able to move or crawl. The mirror doesn't have to be in the infant's room. Place it where it is convenient and where it will be used, a small space in the living area may work well. Put a playmat or soft folded blanket next to the mirror, - Crawling babies are encouraged to pull themselves into a standing position using the rail whilst investigating their own reflection in the non-shatter safety mirror. Toddlers can use the rail to steady themselves.
This great Montessori idea combines two important features: the mirror- which helps the child build his sense of self, and the pull-up bars, that are of real help when the child starts trying to stand up. it is a 40/80 cm (15/30 inch) of acrylic (unbreakable) mirror placed over a 6 mm plywood plank, fitted with two 22 mm diameter hardwood horizontal handles. This is an accessory for the Toddler Station or the Leea's tower but can be used also separately by mounting on the wall with special screws. The mirror with handles is made to fit on the back rails of the Toddler Station or of the Leea's tower, and since the Station is on wheels, it can be placed anywhere in the room. No need for damaged walls or permanent modifications of the room anymore. Even though this stage does not last more than 2-3 months, the mirror can be used for much longer time, the child will have valuable feedback for his movements and will understand faster his own existence by looking in the mirror, long after he learns to walk. find more on and