The learning tower (or the kitchen helper) is, in my opinion, one of the most important tools a parent can use. For us, it was like life before and after we had a learning tower :). And actually, building a learning tower mademe create the Toddler Station. In short, a learning tower allows a child to stand next to you when you work by the kitchen countertop, and participate to what is going on there. So, how does this learning tower work? and how is it better than others? Our learning tower is included in the Starter package of the Station, togeher with the other three important functions: the high chair, the rocking chair and the activity desk. The starter package comes in a compact shape and inside there is everything you need to transform it in just a few seconds into a safe, massive, adjustable, mobile and easy to use learning tower: You can build basically two types of tower out of the starter package: - one that is completely closed and you have to put the child inside by yourself, or one that allows the child to climb inside using the stair and the handrail: The side protection wings can be stored in the back of the Station when not used, and maybe you have noticed the interestion carvings on these wings - they are not only for design, they are actually a pathways game: Height is adjustable at almost any level and thanks to the wheels you can move the whole tower around, from the coutertop to the kitchen sink or wherever you want your kid to reach.Read More