66/99 cm Montessori mirror with handrail

66/99 cm Montessori mirror with handrail


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A large mirror placed near the playground promotes visual tracking, promotes concentration, brings joy , promotes independent play, free movement and develops the self-concept.
It also promotes coordinated movement - child observes himself in the mirror and gets feedback on his movements.
Crawling babies are encouraged to pull themselves into a standing position using the rail whilst investigating their own reflection in the non-shatter safety mirror. Toddlers will use the rail to steady themselves.
The pull-up bar can be placed in two positions on the mirror, and by turning the mirror upside down the bar can be fixed in four different heights to the floor.
The mirror can be mounted with screws on a wall. We do not provide the screws, as they differ depending on the type of wall in case. The holes in the corner of the mirror are 4 mm diameter.

Material: Acrylic mirror on plywood,660/990 mm, 11 mm thick

Pull-up bar fitted with metric screws in two positions on the mirroir.
Recommended age: 8-24 months