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This is an accessory for the Toddler Station and for Leea's Tower. Board with doors fitted with different locks and latches. Behind every door there is blackboard foil. Excellent for fine motor skills development, learning to draw, and preparation for practical life. Recommended age:1,5-4 years Size: 40/80cm Material:birch plywood
This stepstool is compatible with the Leea slide with blackboard. It has two positions of the sitting plank and also the slide board can be added, as a slide or vertically as a blackboard. The slide board is not included. The new model has 2 steps and it is available only in natural wood
This is an accessory for Leea's Tower and can not be used separately. This art easel can hold a canvas from 10 to 80 cm high. The tilt angle can be adjusted. Material: plywood, hardwood
An accessory for Leea Learning tower, made out of transparent acryl - 8mm thick
This is an accessory of Leea's Tower. Product description: blackboard with magnetic board (covered with whiteboard foil) on its back.
Material : painted MDF 18 mm Distance from wall: 18 mm Pre-order only, production takes one week!
This is an accessory for Leea's tower. A board with 72 holes and 25 colored wooden pegs. Great for fine motor skills development and learning colors.
material: painted MDF circle (98 cm diameter) with 3 mm gray felt, 6mm syntetic black rope Length of rope 3,5 m Max. distance from the ceiling - 3 m The felt is attached with buttons on the circle and has two positions. Ceiling anchir not included This product can be used at any age, with careful supervision for children under 3 years. Max weight: 50 kg Please check ropes and anchor regularly
This is an accessory for the Toddler Station or Leea's tower. This rack can hold up to 5 activity boards, including the slide Material: birch plywood Compatible with both SLIM/M and XL activity panels
Super white paper roll, 90 gr/qm - 50 m
The gray LEGO baseplate, that measures 48x48 studs or 15'' (38cm) x 15'' (38cm), is mounted on a plywood board in order to fit Leea's tower and become a LEGO table.
The game consists of a set of three gates and nine pucks. The gates can be placed on the slide board at one end and the player tries to push the pucks and slide them into the gates from the opposite side of the board. The game is placed horizontally on the slide with blackboard Material: birch plywood Recommended age : 2+ years
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