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This is an accessory of Leea's Tower Product description: blackboard with magnetic board(whiteboard) on its back Dimensions: 40/80 cm, 7 mm thick Weight: 5 kg
A large mirror placed near the playground promotes visual tracking, promotes concentration, brings joy , promotes independent play, free movement and develops the self-concept. It also promotes coordinated movement - child observes himself in the mirror and gets feedback on his movements. Crawling babies are encouraged to pull themselves into a standing position using the rail whilst investigating their own reflection in the non-shatter safety mirror. Toddlers will use the rail to steady themselves. The pull-up bar can be placed in two positions on the mirror, and by turning the mirror upside down the bar can be fixed in four different heights to the floor. The mirror can be mounted with screws on a wall. We do not provide the screws, as they differ depending on the type of wall in case. The holes in the corner of the mirror are 4 mm diameter. Material: Acrylic mirror on plywood,660/990 mm, 11 mm thick Pull-up bar fitted with metric screws in two positions on the mirroir. Recommended age: 8-24 months

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•This Convertible Play Furniture allows your toddler to be next to you with this step-up stool that brings them right up to countertop height. Adjust the platform to 35, 42 and 49 cm to keep it at the perfect height for your growing child. •Thanks to its unique design which can function as a stepping stool, a high chair, a feeding table and an activity desk. •By adding extra accessories Leea’s tower can become a slider, a drawing board, a table hockey board, a magnetic board, a lock doors board and a colored pegs board, to let your children express their creativity and imagination with this play furniture. •Easy to move from one place to another, thanks to the detachable wheels. •Encourages family togetherness in the kitchen. There is no better way to spend time with your child than including them in the kitchen. Encourage childhood independence as children stand at counter-top height to watch you cook or help prepare meals. Your child can also engage in other activities such drawing, sliding and other activities you can do together.

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This versatile product consists of two parts: - the little stair with three steps, that is also a stepstool - the slide plank with blackboard foil on its back The sliding plank with blackboard on its back can be mounted as a slide or as a blackboard. It is also compatible with Leea’s tower, so it can be used either with the tower, or with the stepstool. Material: birch plywood Size: length: 130 cm, width: 40 cm, height: 36 cm Recommended age: 1-4 years