Height to kitchen countertop: 92 cm
Height to the back: 97 cm
Width : 41 cm
Length: 42 cm
Wheels stand out: 6 cm
Feet platform height: 35, 42 and 48,5 cm to the ground
Weight: 10 kg
Most people recommend it after 1 year or even 1,5 years of age. But the most important factor is the skills of the child. The child should be able to stand well on his feet before introducing the tower.
We use mainly birch plywood. Some parts are made of hardwood. Paints and lacquers are non-toxic water based.
This product, like all Leea Toys products is manufactured in Bucharest, Romania. All our products are manufactured according to CE (Conformite Europenne ) standards for toy and furniture safety. The standards are self imposed.
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