LEOLEO starter package

LEOLEO starter package

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Dear friends,
orders placed after December 11, 2020 will be delivered during January 2021, thanks for your understanding!

This amazing hyper-functional piece of furniture can turn into many distinct objects, each of them having several setups and variations, essential for a child's care, education and entertainment, as follows:

- observation tower / learning tower
- activity desk
- feeding chair
- blackboard
- slide/ramp
- rocking chair
- minikart
- table hockey
- shape sorting game

Initial assembly is required. Approx. time: 20 min.

Transformation is possible by connecting and combining Leoleo's interlocking parts parts in different ways. Please see printed instructions.

You also will receive:
- a seat and backrest pad
- a 30 m white paper roll

To this starter package, you can add accessories, increasing the number of possible activities:
- activity boards (lock doors board, colored pegs board, transparent board, mirror with pull-up bar)
- a wheel with handlebar, transforming Leoleo into a fun push-kart
- a set of add-ons that transform Leoleo's chair into a walker wagon
- a drawer and a countertop with sink and cooking plate, that transform Leoleo into a minikitchen
- a set of parts that transform the slide plank into a shuffleboard
- a storage rack, that can fit all accessories when not in use
- a little chair with table, that is also a swing



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