Frequently Asked Questions

Height: - 93 cm to kitchen countertop, 98 cm to the back (all sizes)
Base depth (front to back): 50 cm for M and XL size, 45 cm for SLIM size
Base width (side to side): 41 cm for SLIM and M size, 56 cm for XL size
Feet platform height (to the ground): 35, 42 and 49 cm, for all sizes
Size of feet platform (L/H):
- 40/34 cm for M size,
- 40/29 cm for SLIM size
- 56/34 cm for XL size
Leea’s tower is used in different ways at different ages. Before introducing a new activity you have to take into consideration not only the age, but especially the level of skills . The level of skills can differ in children of same age. Here is our advice, based on our observations:
6-18 months – the baby feeding table, the Montessori mirror
1-3 years+/- the slide, the shape sorter
1-5 years+/- the learning tower, the magnetic board
2-5 years+/- the high chair, the blackboard, the table hockey, the activity desk
After creating the first version of Leea’s tower (which is now the M size), some families that have two children of close age were asking if the tower would fit two children. We realized that even if it would fit two children, it would not be comfortable and maybe even not safe enough.
This is why we have created the XL size, which only is 50% wider. All other functions, accessories and dimensions are exactly the same as in the M size.
We also had questions from families with a smaller kitchen, they asked how will the tower fit in a smaller room. We realized that sometimes 5 cm of extra space can be very useful.
This is how the SLIM size appeared. It is only 5 cm narrower (front to back) and all other dimensions, functions and accessories are preserved.
If you buy just the tower, you will have the learning tower function, the activity desk function, the high chair and the shape sorter game. The tower will have two open ends - one towards the kitchen countertop and the other in the back where the child can climb in.
Adding accessories means more functions: the slide plank – you will have a slide, but also table hockey, the felt wrap - closes the open ends of the tower but also allows to build a feeding table, and so on.
We use mainly birch plywood. Some parts are made of hardwood. Paints and lacquers are non-toxic water based.
This product, like all Leea Toys products is manufactured in Bucharest, Romania. All our products are manufactured according to CE (Conformite Europenne) standards for toy and furniture safety. The standards are self imposed.
We did our best with safety in mind. We know this is the most important thing. We test and challenge periodically every aspect of the tower. We monitor and get feedback from users. Since 2017 when it was launched, we never had any major incident regarding safety.
Safety of the standing place – the standing place can be completely, or partially closed, or left open. This will make the standing place safe while still being challenging when the time comes.
Stability – any weight applied on the tower is transmitted inside the projection of the tower to the floor. The tower is almost impossible to tilt from a child’s height.
The wheels do not touch the ground until the tower is inclined by an adult in order to be moved somewhere else.
Building materials – all materials used are non toxic and safe for children.
Having said this, please do not forget that this product must be used only under adult supervision.
No. This device is not meant to keep the child busy while you can take a break. On the contrary, this device is meant to encourage interaction and connection between parent and child and offers countless opportunities for this.
This great product is now available almost everywhere in the world. You can see the prices and order online using the SHOP link on the top right of this page. We also have our products listed on Etsy marketplace and Amazon.