• Leea's Tower evolves gradually from completely closed to completely open. This way you can adapt the tower to the child's skills and age. This way the child can use the tower from an early age, and later he can climb alone.
  • The high bench, that allows the child to sit inside the tower, is an innovation that no other learning tower has.
  • Ten colors and three sizes are available with Leea's tower. Also, an M size tower can be turned into an XL size anytime later.
  • The activity desk can accommodate two kids at once.
  • The tower can be easily moved around, thanks to its wheels.
Before introducing any activity you have to take into consideration not only the age, but especially the level of skills, and also the size of the child, that can differ in children of same age.
  • You can start using Leea’s Tower by the age of 8 months or even less, using the baby swing, the Montessori mirror and the ramp for crawling.
  • Many parents introduce the learning tower by the age of 1 year, but make sure the child can stand well on their feet , and use the tower in a completely closed setup.It is best you introduce the tower by the age of 18 months, but that can depend on the child.
  • Having this said, please, always remember that only you, as a parent, can find the right amount of challenge in any activity for your child.
  • Never leave your child unattended when engaged in any physical activity, especially before the age of 3.
We use mainly birch plywood. Some parts are made of hardwood.
Paints and lacquers are non-toxic water based.
All Leea Toys products are manufactured in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.
All our products are manufactured according to CE (Conformite Europenne ) standards for toy and furniture safety, that are self imposed.
We did our best to develop this product, always with safety in mind. We know this is the most important thing. We test and challenge periodically every aspect of the tower. We get permanent feedback from users. Since 2017 when this model was launched, we never had any major incident regarding safety. Still, the learning tower is a relatively new tool on the market and not everything is known about it. Please take care of the following aspects (without limiting to them):
  • Never leave the child unattended
  • Prevent your child from climbing on the product
  • Be aware of the risk of tilting when your child can push its feet against a table or any other structure
  • Do not allow the child jump inside the tower or any of its parts
  • Do not allow the child to use the connecting bars as monkey bars (hang or swing)
  • Always supervise the child from a close distance (a hand’s length) while inside the tower.
  • Always set the right height for the feet platform, so that the centerweight of the child (the belly button) is always under the top edges of the tower.
  • Be aware of any sudden moves of the child while inside the tower.
  • Keep the tower and the child at a safe distance from any heat source, electrical devices, cutting devices, open windows.
Never leave the room while the child is inside the tower.
No. This device is not meant to keep the child busy while you can take a break. On the contrary, this device is meant to encourage interaction and connection between parent and child and offers countless opportunities for this.